Rolling Stones Ride 'em on down
With Kristen Stewart

Le Sserafim Kim Chaewon video

"Even down to the dancing in the gas station of Rolling Stones' Ride 'em On Down MV is exactly the same ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Does Bighit really has no pride at all...? Just how many times have they degraded a replica under the pretext of 'homage'?... Even the BGM is almost the same as the original song. You can't even find it if you search it up, at this rate, they could've just used the original song~"

"Sigh... The actual video has no "Japanese female idol" vibe at all, the vibe is a f*cking lesbian drive vibe. But they cut the pants and turned it into some s*xual angles... I seriously hate this. More than anything, even if you listen to the BGM alone... Unless it's a hidden Rolling Stones song that nobody has ever heard of on Melon, and it's not a remix either, then I think it's plagiarism^^ If there's anyone who knows the BGM, then mention it... Otherwise go listen to Ride 'Em On Down, I'll mute this"

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1. I feel like they definitely used that video as a reference, but the music is way too similar
Yet the quality is;;;;;

2. What the... The first one was freaking cool!!!

3. Isn't Bighit ashamed?

4.  It's f*cking the same. I thought that the candy part was so out of context, but she was just trying to copy Kristen 

5. Wow Kristen is crazy 

6. I was wondering why they were including the blue lollipop scene, so they were trying to copy Rolling Stones.. It was indeed meaningful for the first video to include the blue lollipop, yet they took it out of context and it just felt random 

7. Ah even down to the candy part and the gas station part, it's completely the same 

8. Even the outfit are identical.. Yet what's up with the quality?

9. Didn't TXT also copy someone else's concept?

10. Of course there are a lot of videos using gas stations as a prop, but every other scene is overlapping and the way they edited is also the same. Hybe sure tries to be clever with their editing teamㅋㅋ


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1. She has the star factor

2. She looks like Nannoㅋㅋ

3. She looks 500x time prettier in the moving teasers

4. She's so refreshing and cute and charmingㅠㅠ The video is showing her own charm way moreㅠㅠ

5. As expected Kim Chaewon knows the expressions that fit the concept 

6. I thought that she looked the best with pig tails and long hair, but she's charming with short hair too 

7. She looks way more charming in the moving teasers than the pictures

8. Seriously she's the most charming memberㅠㅠ

9. She gives Nana Komatsu's vibe
10. She would suit a Neutrogena ad 

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