[enter-talk/instiz] HUH YUNJIN WAS SO EMBARRASSING HERE...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Her ment was so cheap
"Ah f*ckㅋㅋㅋ Coachella!!!!!! (twirling) Just shake some f*cking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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1. [+109, -3]
That ment isn't the issue. It's the fact that they performed live that that her ment became funny

2. [+100, -23]
That was a foreign performance though....ㅋㅋ to be honest, making a fuss about a stage ment is not itㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+78, -29]
Are you saying this because you don't know what's the vibe of foreign performances? Overseas, they try a lot to hype up the crowd so this is pretty common. The crowd gets super excited with ments like these. This is the US afterall

4. [+64, -21]
Huh? Why are people hating on her because of this....? To be honest, this isn't as bad as you thinkㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ has none of you ever watched foreign performances...? This kind of shouting is common and this isn't something weird. To be honest, hating on this just makes you a hate commentor. Also, Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin's skills were fine but why am I seeing so many hate posts about Huh Yunjin in the featured talks?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon aren't the members who should get hated on;;

5. [+56, -24]
Get out loser. This is just an expression that's used a lot mid-performance tsk tsk


I know that she's trying to hype up the crowd but she also has a lot of parts.
When Kim Chaewon is singing well, she keeps getting excited and singing low or suddenly raising the pitch
But the kids singing after her are kids like Sakura and Hong Eunchae so they can't help but get dragged

I'm not a fan of Le Sserafim, but this is just a late Coachella review

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1. [+272, -57]
I don't understand why Huh Yunjin is considered talented... she's just a loud tone deaf singer

2. [+190, -168]
No but I don't think that Huh Yunjin deserves hate....ㅋㅋㅋ to be honest, Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon really are not bad enough to get this much criticism. They did shout a lot on stage today but it's a festival so they did it on purpose

3. [+185, -188]
Yah let's honestly not hate on Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewonㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ these two are fine during encores too and if you watch the full Coachella performance, the two were honestly fine

4. [+184, -160]
Huh Yunjin isn't a member that was originally bad... she was just too excited this time so she shoted a lot but anyone can tell that she was just hyped up because it was a festival. Usually, Huh Yunjin isn't talentless

5. [+180, -109]
Huh Yunjin and Kim Chaewon carried Coachella so why are they getting hate? Huh Yunjin did shout kinda loud because she was too excited but it's not like she was bad


I couldn't find any videos

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1. Nop... 

2. No......

3. Yup yup she did well 

4. Personally she was the most disappointing... I didn't know she couldn't sing ㅠㅠ I even fell for her listening "Stupid for Love" recently 

5. They lowered the pitch, also I don't know if it's the music that sounded different but she seems like she had a hard time singing 

6. I actually feel like the other members were more stable than her 

7. At first, she was good, but the more she sand, the had trouble breathing....

8. She always does that quirky facial expression whenever she sings off-pitch... 

9. She has the talent, but I think she's lowkey tone-deaf... She always sang off-pitch.. 

10. I thought she was a talented member, it shocked me... 

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