(She took down the video)


Off-White (the logo is different)

She focuses on items with the logos on them so there's no way she's wearing them without knowing

"She also has a review video of the Chanel Classic Small bad and this wasn't a Small either... if you look at the number of pockets inside, it's the number of a Medium bag and the number of diamond quilting on the outside of a Small is 7 (per row) while the medium has 8. The bag that Freezia is reviewing has 8 quilting and she said it with her own mouth that she bought it for 6,520,000 won. Is it possible that she doesn't know if it's a Small or Medium?"

Saint Laurent (the lining color is different)

Her phone cases and necklaces are all fakes
Aside from these, there are countless of other fake items being discovered right now

There are more but I can only upload this much ㅠㅠ

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1. [+743, -31]
Stop with the shields. If she wanted to wear fakes, she should've worn it in secret in her daily life. She was even including some fakes in her luxury hauls and was fooling the viewers but you guys aren't mad? Also, Netflix is being broadcasted worldwide and she's there brazenly wearing a fake Chanel and is embarrassing Korea in front of the whole world. Even other countries are releasing articles about her ㅋㅋ What is she trying to do?.... She's always saying how she has a lot of confidence, that she's cool and telling others to be confident when counselling others about their worries. But turns out, she's the one who's insecure.. So we shouldn't be mad anymore because she released an apology? She's committing fraud and it's criminal;;;

2. [+655, -479]
Wow but seeing the kids who found these one by one, rather than them having nothing to do, it seems like they are way too dedicated to someone who isn't even a celebrity

3. [+488, -378]
Seriously, people are so scary ㅋㅋ They are devoting their lives to this

4. [+463, -25]
No but I thought that only her Chanel crop top was fake but at this point, isn't this a bit wrong?ㅋㅋ I'm wondering if she trying to hide by not saying that these are fakes? Isn't she buying these while pretending that these are real?

5. [+400, -7]
People are calling others "jealous" but we are not bashing her because we're jealous but we are pointing it out because it's so shocking. How can she be wearing this many fakes so boldly? I'm also questioning the IQ of the kids who still accept her after seeing this. Are you guys part-timers from China??

[enter-talk] FREEZIA'S CHANEL

People are saying that an item with a receipt that comes with the name of the department store, barcode  and brochure are fake ㅋㅋㅋ you guys need to criticize her with a discerning eye.

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1. [+85, -3]
She probably doesn't know the difference between a Medium and a Small.. But the comments were saying that she has a Medium but she still insisted that she had a Small which is a bit weird...

2. [+77, -22]
It's either she's mistaking the real one, or she borrowed the receipt from someone. If not, nowadays, there are replicas that come with a receipt and all of those are fake, it could be that too

3. [+67, -6]
There are a lot of people who are taking this opportunity to say that she has a fake because she got the size wrong ㅋㅋ

4. [+38, -2]
If it's "a0112", then it's really a Medium Chanel. The has 8 diamonds per row so it's really a Medium? It used to be worth 6,520,000 won in 2018-2019... And from 2018 to fall 2020, the Classic Small wasn't really getting sold in our country either. They only started to bring in more Smalls ever since last year... At that time, we had sizes Medium - Large - Jumbo - Maxi, so a lot of people who got the smallest size among those confused it with the Small... I think that she made a reasonable mistake...

5. [+38, -2]
Her bag isn't fake but nowadays, they even make S-tier receipts for fakes. There are even people who would buy the real one and switch it with a fake one and then take the real receipt and return the fake one.

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