(Columns left to right: date, singer (album), daily sales, cumulative sales)
(female artists' top 50 first week sales: Kep1er is #15)

They're in the top 15 of the female artists record
And they're also the girl group who achieved the highest first week sales in their debut 

Kep1er congrats~~~~

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When they debuted, they were #1 in Japan's Youtube trends and 4 of them were in the top rank. Even in US trending, you can see that they were quite popular, in 3 days, they have already had an ad on Time Square and during Mashiro's birthday, she also had an individual ad at Time Square, they clearly have fans overseas

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They reached #17 on Japan's Apple Music, I hope they succeed even more in Korea (+ They're #15 now) 

3. [+40, -1]
They have lots of cosplay fans, be careful (t/n: antis who cosplay as fans)

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Kep1er already hit big overseas so they have lots of international fans, it will increase domestically too 

5. [+28, -14]
Wow if you have a lot of fans overseas, you'll get lots of Youtube views right? But what did you guys surpass here?
(BP music videos, choreography views)

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Kim Chahyun is pretty

7. [+26, -8]
Why are the BlackPink fans getting an inferiority complex towards them..? Because they have a big international fanbase? It's written in OP's post that they're 15th in terms of first week sales and #1 in terms of debuts, why do you guys think that BP must be #1 in everything..? Stop with this competitiveness, BP is still doing well without having to compete

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