[teens stories/enter-talk] AH KIM HYUNJOONG IS A TURN OFF (FT. YAEWON, FREEZIA)

Please stop...
"Kim Hyunjoong who left a comment on a video concerning Freezia

In the video, the MC is saying how he can feel Kim Hyunjoong's consideration for one another through his words.

While for Freezia, it's her body language rather than her words"

"-Kim Hyunjoong (ID: average Hyunjoong-sshi): Wow... I watched this through an acquaintance, I'm getting goosebumps!"

"(Replies to his comment)
- OP: Hul... are you Hyunjoong?! @[email protected];; I enjoyed watching Singles Inferno a lot!!
- Moonlight: He's really Hyunjoong-nim?-?
- Khess Bizza: Wow.. this person's channel name is 'Average Hyunjoong' but his looks and warmth are not average.. He's very special..!
- Kim Hyunjoong: It's my first time seeing someone who read me so well that my chest is cloudy.. You got almost everything right even up to the details! I had a good time thanks to you :) Thank you!"
(T/N: KHJ is using '가슴이 몽롱하다' which is literally translated as "my chest is cloudy". It doesn't really mean anything. He's confusing it with the expression '가슴이 뭉클해지다 (I'm feeling a lump in my throat)')

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1. [+1,361, -20]
He's the commoner version of Park Chanyeol

2. [+1,226, -5]
This reply is freaking funny ㅋㅋ
"Hyunjoong-sshi whose heart is cloudy, I wonder if your fortune showed any upcoming disgrace"

3. [+853, -5]
What does "my chest is cloudy" even mean?

4. [+483, -3]
Seriously the type of person I would hate to meet..

5. [+404, -3]
Does he mean 'a lump in my throat'?? Cloudy..? Ah these damn gym bros

6. [+344, -2]
A good example of how no matter how handsome you are, you're not a man to me if you're dumb

7. [+344, -2]
Looks like he really doesn't read booksㅋㅋ It's my first time seeing 'chest is cloudy' in my whole existenceㅋㅋㅋㅋ ignorant

8. [+316, -1]
He's the type of guy who would get mad a women for pointing out that he's wrong.. I hate his type of person

9. [+233, -3]


Only the color is different but both are fakes but why is Anh Yaewon not getting hate? Is it because she's less popular than Freezia? Both are in the wrong but people are only hating on the popular one.. To be honest, seeing how her colleague from the same program got into such controversy recently, she should've deleted this. Seeing her not delete it is a bit.. Ah this post is still on her feed!

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1. [+562, -76]
Did Yaewon wear that top and pretended like it was real? No. Did Yaewon promoted herself with luxury items? No. Did Yaewon consistently wear fake items? No. Did Yaewon (intentionally) wear fake items and appear on broadcast? No. Did Yaewon show off the logos pretending they were real? No. Did Yaewon pretend to be a golden spoon with a luxurious life? No. Did Yaewon make profits out of fake items? No. Did she do all of this for the last 2 years? No.

2. [+440, -10]
If Freezia only wore that one Dior tube top, the controversy would've never blew up this big though? Her bags, shoes, jewelries, clothes... so many things were fake so that's why it blew up so big. Also, she dreams of making her own brand but is consuming fakes which is wrong...

3. [+302, -18]
You know that Freezia isn't getting hate just because of 1 fake item

4. [+128, -1]
Even for Freezia, when 1-2 fakes were exposed at first, everyone was defending her saying "don't feed the trolls".. Everyone was just gonna let it slide but how many items were exposed by now?ㅋㅋ...

5. [+84, -2]
Are you trying to make us feel bad?


Is the fact that there are more hate posts about her than actual murderers

I feel like it's not the kids who are mad at her wearing fakes that are hating her but the ones who hate seeing other women doing well so they are using this opportunity to drag her

Also, if you're gonna hate her, then just her on her wearing fake items. There are so many comments that are crossing the line.

Everyone should cut it down. Will you only get in your right mind once you k*ll off someone?
Please, now that you know, mind your own lives a bit

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1. [+84, -21]
For real... I'm not shielding Freezia but she's getting way too much hate for one action

2. [+64, -15]
People will accuse you of being her shinyeo again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ these people don't know any one words that "shinyeo"ㅠㅠ

3. [+42, -9]
If you look at the comments, they are such a sight ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone is boiling with inferiority complex and hating on her but are pretending to be criticizing her rationally. It's hilarious

4. [+25, -9]
Isn't it because she has more recognition than murderers? If someone popular committed a murder, they would for sure create a bigger buzz than Freezia. On the other hand, there are a lot of influencers who wear fakes but who don't have Freezia's popularity so they don't get hate. It's all based on popularity

5. [+13, 0]
But this can't be helped. She also receives more love than normal people for the actions she does. So I think that because there's no standard on the amount of love someone receives from the public, it makes everything harder

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