Pierce Conran's review below: (t/n: we will take the article's original writing)

1. The first episode flashes by in the blink of an eye, but the same cannot be said for those that follow, which become mired in a repetitive pattern.

2. The show touches on a dizzying array of issues, which include school bullying, college entrance exams, social inequality, blackmail pornography, cronyism and teenage pregnancy, but also features references to several modern historical tragedies, such as the Gwangju Massacre and the sinking of the Sewol Ferry.

Some of these elements are purely superficial (teenage pregnancy) or mawkishly manipulative (the Sewol allusion sees kids finding a camcorder and recording tearful farewell messages to their families), but those that are prominent enough to affect the story morph beyond social allusions into paradoxical or antithetical themes.

3. While the diminishing returns of the show’s narrative are a disappointment, the moral implications of its wide-ranging smorgasbord of social commentary are bewildering, if not outright alarming.

This is what this writer gave to other works: 
Squid Game, DP, Hellbound: 4.5
My Name: 3
Jirisan: 1
Happiness - 4
The Silent Sea - 2

Of course, there's a Youtuber who watched the whole thing

If you looked at the comment, he's one of the critics circle from Hollywood. He also has interviews with actors and participated in ceremonies as a critic. 
He's someone who loves Zombie movies

Currently only 3 episodes are out

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1. I didn't watch Squid Game since the plot isn't my style but I watched Hellbound and it was so boring... DP was fun but... I'll give this a try 

2. The episodes are indeed on the longer side, but I'll watch it and jusge for myself 

3. I do like Zombie genres, but if you watch it in a drama format, maybe it becomes less organized so more boring? 

4. I enjoyed yesterday's episode so much. I don't know what was repetitive about the plot, I'll watch the next one tomorrow

5. I've watched a few Netflix original already and I always wished they'd cut them to 1~3 episodes. 12 episodes is just too long 

6. 12 episodes of 1 hour is indeed too long... Sweet Home had 10 episodes and Squid Game had 9 episodes and personally, the middle was just so boring... 

7. That Pierce guy has similar taste as me, I'm not expecting much from thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. I have the same f*cking taste as the first guy.... But I still wish I could enjoy All of Us Are Deadㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. I read the critics he had and I had similar ones... I'm not looking forward

10. Ah I got creeped out just from the webtoon, I'm debating whether I should watch this at all..

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