(T/N: Jimin shared a song to her Soundcloud in her bio - link here)

She said that today was her birthday
It's been almost 2 years since she last updated her Insta

original post: here

1. I hope she promotes again

2. *Gasp* Jimin-ah

3. Let's promote ㅠㅠ Is there a reason not no? Whether you promote or live the good life, I support you

4. I was curious about what Jimin was up to a few days ago, what in the world

5. Hul, Jiminie... I'm seriously glad to see you

6. I still watch Queedom's stages once in a while nowadays. I hope she comes back.

7. I realized it was spring only once the flowers faded away (T/N: a saying that a person who was being hated is being reevaluated only after that person is gone, it's used to express regret)

8. Today is Jimin's birthday

9. I support you. Oh, so it's your birthday? I hope that you spend a happy day

10. Hul nice to see you again ㅠ

11. I honestly support her, I hope that she's been doing well...

12. Wow ㅜㅜ first of all, it's good to see that she was working on some things. Sorry for misunderstanding you for a while, I'll support you

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