He's saying "now that I'm not in K-pop anymore, why is XXX(Korean female singer) trying to be a th*t?"

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1. Rationally speaking, this doesn't look good... what's wrong with him?

2. He looks like a f*cker laughing by himself

3. Physiognomy is science??

4. Good thing he left the group... only the fans are pitiful...

5. But who is this?

6. Is he on drugs?? Crazy f*cker

7. Thank you for leaving the group and don't ever come back

8. Who is he??

9. He seriously looks like a f*cking loser... for real, he looks like those little kids pretending to be strong


11. Look at all the kids shielding him ใ…‹ใ…‹

12. It's pretty quiet compared to normal scandalsใ…‹ใ…‹ he's such a mess and is creating controversies every day. I'm impressed that there are even fans left

13. ??????... he's a f*cker

14. The way he laughs is f*cking scary.. He doesn't seem like the person he was a few years back in his concerts

15. Ah this is seriously bad, please shut up a bit... So even if you're not an idol, you can say something like that? Dude, get in your right mind


She just tweeted this..

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1. They both appeared in the same season of K-pop star, went to JYP and were under the same roof.. Park Jimin must've been so taken aback

2. Sigh... looking at his face, I've seen him saying "since I'm not a K-pop idol anymore" a few times in the 'Hot' category now. Just how well did Jamie treat him... 

3. She seriously must've been cursing

4. She deleted this tweet but what she said was right. He's straight up an incel ใ…‹ใ…‹

5. Didn't Park Jimin treat him super well? No but how can he say such thing like it was nothing?

6. He gives off incel vibes..

7. No way, are they joking..?

8. The fact that they are close makes it an even harder strike. Sigh, Park Jaehyung has been the worst member of everyone who left their group

9. Hul Jamie is Park Jimin?? Crazy f*cker

10. ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ He wasn't "restricted" by JYP, JYP forced him to shut up, f*ck


"After he left JYP, he's going around with the "now that I'm not in K-pop anymore, why is Jamie trying to be a th*t?" BS"

Is he crazy? Wow...

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1. [+80, 0]
Why does the way he says that he's "no longer a K-pop idol" feel so cheap and disgusting..? Just how much did he want to say such vulgar word while he was promoting? How did he endure it?

2. [+75, -9]
Can you remove 'Day6' from the title? ^^ He's a former member

3. [+65, -2]
Is he crazy? There's a reason why JYP didn't want himใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ Remove the 'Day6', what wrong did the other members do?

4. [+37, -1]
How can Park Jaehyung co-exist with Kang Younghyun and Kim Wonpil in one team?... daebak; Ah but they are not in the same team anymore

5. [+33, 0]
Yah, if you dare call yourself "Day6", you're dead!

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