Honestly the members are all charming and they're fine but the system makes it so uncomfortable to fangirl on them and it's a system that is bound the fail. They should settle the existing members in their respective groups now and let us fangirl comfortably in the upcoming term 

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1. [+214, -4]
This system ONLY benefits the company... It's a business structure that is meant to drive revenue.. 

2. [+211, -7]
Even if to the general public, this system has failed, they're still able to keep sucking money from the fandom... This in itself is a success

3. [+176, -10]
While on one hand it's a failure, this system is good to drive revenue... 

4. [+85, -2]
Seriously it's true that they've failed... They're all so handsome, but they've been promoting for 6 years and people barely know them because their infinite expansion system is the fandom entry barrier

5. [+75 ,-56]
They're nobodies so of course they're considered failures. Meanwhile they debuted the same time as BlackPink 

6. [+52, -7]
But honestly speaking there are no boy groups who debuted the same year as NCT who are doing better than them either

7. [+36, -1]
I would consider NCT a success no? They're not about the general public recognition but all about growing their fandom. Right now Korean boy groups that are successful can be counted on your fingers, if NCT was really a failure than there are barely 2 or 3 boy groups wo are actually successful? 

8. [+36, -2]
I think that they're not leveraging these charming people to the fullest

9. [+32, -0]
Seriously this system only benefits the company, because their fandom can make them a lot of money... I wouldn't say the members are straight nobodies, but they're getting hate because of the system, it's true that only the company is benefitting 

10. [+30, -16]
From SM standard, they're really failures... And this is coming from an NCTzen's perspective ㅠㅠ

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