For me it's TXT Yeonjun
Whenever I listen to TXT's songs, his voice color is too good... 
It feels like he'd suit R&B well
I think he'll suit a sexy concept well too 
I really wish he released a solo with a sexy aura.. Or a strong hip hop song.. He must release a soo album 
Nowadays I watch his fancams a lot, he dances well, sings well and he's talented. I think he suits going solo 

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1. [+166, -14]
Jennie needs a comeback 

2. [+148, -7]
For me, Twice Nayeon 

3. [+66, -9]
For real TXT Yeonjun. His skills are good and he's also popular and has lots of talents. It would be a shame if they didn't let him release a solo... 

4. [+61, -8]
Haechan Haechan Haechan

5. [+46, -5]
Yeonjun writes good lyrics too... "I gladly sink to the other side of the sky
Just hope we can embrace by the end of my clumsy flight" I'm not even a fan of TXT but I really like these lyrics 

6. [+45, -2]
I hope Nayeon can release a refreshing songㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm seriously holding back 

7. [+39, -2]
Yoo Kihyun, are you hearing my voice...? Are you hearing my wish...?
"Gentle yet powerful, technically speaking he's the best vocalist, Yoo Kihyun!"

8. [+36, -3]
Seulgi, Yeonjun 

9. [+31, -4]
Boo Seungkwan

10. [+30, -6]
NCT Haechan... His voice is seriously unrivaled

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