What do you prefer?

Black short hair with freaking strong makeup, vote up
Bleached long hair with relatively lighter makeup, vote down

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1. [+52, -4]
I became a fan of Winter because I found her so pretty with her black hair + bangs down

2. [+42, -1]
Black Mamba Winter was f*cking legendary..

3. [+38, -2]
Black hair Winter is the best..

4. [+30, -4]
She was indeed pretty during Black Mamba but she kinda looked like an average female idol. Winter with her short black hair looks more unique so I like it better

5. [+20, -1]
She was the prettiest here

6. [+12, -2]
She looks way prettier with lighter makeup but short black hair is prettier on her. She also suits pigtails

7. [+9, -2]
Short black hair

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