IVE, Aespa, Apink, STAYC, NMIXX, Weeekly, Taeyeon.. they all give off the girl crush vibes
I liked how in the 3rd generation, we had variety like innocent, girl crush, cutie and sexy
But I can also understand why they are all going for the girl crush concept
Since it's so popular overseas
Koreans will only listen to the idols who are super popular with the public
So it's a good thing that they are trying to go for the foreign market
But even so, I do miss the old days
Meanwhile, I like how Viviz and Choi Yena released bright songs
Why is nobody going for the cutie concept nowadays?

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1. [+269, -12]
Sorry but I wouldn't say that STAYC are girl crush

2. [+197, -32]
If Apink went for the innocent concept, people would've complained about how they are sick of innocent concepts. But if they do girl crush, people say that they don't suit it, and that everyone is doing girl crush and ask them why they are not doing innocent concepts. What do you want them to do?

3. [+172, -4]
So you think that as long as they have a strong beat and heavy makeup, it's girl crush? Isn't girl crush something like ITZY's Mafia or Aespa's Savage? Dream Come True and Loco don't seem to be girl crush at all 

4. [+117, -1]
The thing I don't understand about posts like these is that there are a lot of bright high-teen songs like Jeon Somi's Dumb Dumb + XOXO, RV's Queendom, Twice's Alcohol Free + Scientist + The Feels, STAYC's ASAP + Stereotype, Weeekly's Afterschool and Brave Girls' Chi Mat Ba Ram but because you don't listen to those, you claim that everyone is girl crush ㅇㅇ.. The most successful groups like BP and Aespa and big rookies like IVE, Kep1er and NMIXX have girl crush concepts so it might seems like everyone is doing girl crush but to be honest, even BP has songs like Ice Cream and Aespa has Dreams Come True.

5. [+106, -14]
I wouldn't call IVE "girl crush" though...

6. [+73, -8]
To be honest, do you really want them to do cute concepts? The most trashy concepts are cute or sexy concepts

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