"I missed you"

"Good night"

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1. [+232, -279]
People would think that NingNing was a criminal with the way you guys treat her. Aren't you guys crossing the line....? Can you guys stop when it's still time?

2. [+205, -95]
NingNing has always wrote in Chinese ever since the beginning so it's nonsense that you guys are only bringing this up in the comments now. Also, it's not like she's only writing in Chinese and she writes a lot in Korean too. You guys don't even go on her Bubble but have so much to say

3. [+159, -87]
You guys can just use your automatic translator?? But she's really pretty

4. [+133, -41]
But it's indeed funny how she's making money off Koreans but writing in Chineseㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+73, -64]
Stop tormenting NingNing you hate commentors...

6. [+68, -19]
But she's writing in Chinese again despite her controversy being related to China?

7. [+63, -3]
Ning Ning sure likes that devil emoji a lot

8. [+61, -19]
It's my first time seeing someone getting hated for greeting people. I said that people will start hating others for breathing before. So are you guys gonna start hating on her for breathing next? Seriously, cut it down

9. [+60, -17]
She couldn't go on Bubble because of her own f*ck up so it's funny that the first thing she sends is "I missed you~"

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