"Ever since 'High Kick', I have been working for 15 years (without stop)"

She said that she needs to have 1 work per year

So I looked it up

2006 - High Kick (debut)

2007 - I Am Sam

2008 - Hometown Legends

2009 - Ja Myung Go

2010 - Sungkyunkwan Scandal

2011 - City Hunter and Man of Honor 

2012 - Dr. Jin

2013 - None

2014 - Healer and A New Leaf

2015 - Remember

2016 - None

2017 - Queen For 7 Days

2018 - Secretary Kim and Busted! S1

2019 - Her Private Life and Busted! S2

2020 - I'll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice

2021 - Busted! S3

2022 - Forecasting Love And Weather

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1. [+82, 0]
Wow but she almost never changed her styling

2. [+70, 0]
But her image and characters were way too similar after Secretary Kim..

3. [+58, -2]
But isn't filming 1 work per year considered small? She can film for a couple of months and rest for a couple of months so isn't this f*cking nice? Even though there are also a lot of actors who rest for years

4. [+29, 0[
She's kind of the same case as Park Shinye... they worked a lot but their styling and roles were all similar so it seems like they have less work than people who've done various roles..

5. [+23,-1]
She worked a lot but why isn't her acting changing? She always goes for the same female lead. Her styling hasn't changed 1 bit which is more problematic. She must be the one who doesn't want to change her styling. If you put City Hunter and Secretary Kim aside, I can't differentiate any of her other works.. She always plays those characters without bangs and in a casual office look. Even when she has short hair, her character doesn't change..

6. [+8, 0]
Her face was the best during High Kick but she looked the prettiest during Healer

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