Isn't she just a model??? She looks like a professional model

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It's been a while I haven't seen Rose with a perm in her hair, it's freaking pretty 

2. [+53, -5]
Her body is like a model's tall and slender. Her skin is fair, her face is also not the standard beauty but she has charms while looking cute too. Anything she shoots will make her look like a professional model for sure. But she also transforms back into an idol when she's on stage and her freshness and chicness are solid. She also sings well. The fact that she's the best is even crazier. You can't exit the fandom once you fall for Rose. Rose's charms seriously can't be explained

3. [+47, -1]
The 2nd one is crazy, she looks so pretty with curls 

4. [+32, -0]
This one made me scream;;;; Tell me she's not Hollywood actress material 

5. [+22, -0]
I seriously understand why Rose was picked by Saint-Laurent. Her aura itself is Saint-Laurent's muse 

6. [+20, -0]
This photoshoot is legendary... Rose x Saint-Laurent needs to stay there for life ㅠㅠㅠ

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