I might look narrowminded but I'm curious about other people's opinion so I'm using my wife's ID in secret to write here.
We've been married for 7 years and we're in our late 30's. We have a 5 years old daughter.
When my wife was young, she used to work as an MD(?) in the fashion field.
Then, due to our marriage and childbirth, her career path was cut off, so she devoted herself to parenting.
Recently, there was a place that recognized her professional background, so she sent in her resume and succeeded in re-employment in the same industry.
Due to the nature of her job, she often works outside and sometimes accompanies her partner but that partner is a man in his early 30s.
I'm also a company worker, so I don't think there's a problem with that.
The problem is that my wife is talking too much about her company's affairs and 90% of it is about that male employee in his 30s.
What makes me suspicious is that she doesn't talk about how that person does his job well or not or if his work style matches well with hers or not. But instead, she says things like how he's so cute in this or that situation or when he says this or that.
Or she would say things like "I think of him like a girl? I have such great conversations with him, his body is sleek but his face is cute like a rice cake? But what's even more daebak is that he looks like this but when he lifts weights, he behaves like a man which is so funny and makes him even cuterㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
She keeps talking about him like this.
At first, I reacted saying "he seems cute to me tooㅋㅋㅋ" but, 
since she keeps doing it, she also thinks that I'm interested in this topic so she always talks about him every time she comes back from work.
I tried to understand because it's been a while since she had a company life and there must be some exciting parts, and since it's a fashion MD(?) position that she likes, I always cheer and support her.
It's been a while since my wife went to work so I want to talk about what her work was about, where she went, how she felt, whether she got along well with people.
But instead of talking about these important things, she would always talk about this boy this or this boy that
She constantly talks about that boy and it's driving me crazy.
The other thing I don't understand is whether they are close or not, they are co-workers, so they should call each other by their name.
My wife calls the male employee by his name (like XX-ah~)
But that male employee calls my wife "nuna";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
So I told her in a serious tone "this is not it, why would he call you "nuna" at work?..."
But my wife just acts like it was nothing while waving her hand and said that he was from her hometown and that he's friendly, he just calls her in a friendly way by mixing his saturi and going "nunna nuna~". So I said that rationally, this is not it but she laughed? And our daughter who was hearing our conversation even asked "mom, do you have a boyfriend? What about dad?";;;;;;;;
Even so, I'm bad at judging whether or not I'm just a sensitive and jealous husband.
Nowadays, I have all sorts of thoughts like "if they go work outside, would they just be working? Would they buy something to eat and hang around? If there's nowhere to go because of time constraints, would they go to a motel?" 
Everyone, what do you think? Am I just too conservative?

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1. [+510, -26]
He's a male worker, an ajumma wouldn't even catch his attention. OP's wife must be excited to be back in the workplace after such a long time... but this is a bit silly. Telling a man that he's cute and looks like a rice cake isn't easy... but telling that to her husband?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ who would like it?... It's just a bit dumb?

2. [+451, -2]
Just try to call your female co-worker cute and that you guys have an oppa-dongsaeng relationship. She would flip

3. [+388, -9]
That's how cheating happens. Her head is already filled with that man

4. [+210, 0]
It seems like she's talking about a man she likes to someone of the same gender as her

5. [+208, 0]]
If she doesn't talk about that male employee anymore, that means that they slept together. There's a 99.99999999999% chance that this is the beginning of an affair

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