"The world looks rosy-ly beautiful"

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Has it really been a while since a post like this was made?.. Please leave a lot of comments, I have nothing to write

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I have none.. No matter how hard I think... there are a lot of heart fluttering faces though, f*ck ㅠ

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It was in the summer. The AC was strong so the kids who were cold were told to wear a jacket right? But since I don't get cold easily and rather, get hot easily, I never bring a jacket or a blanket... but on that particular day, I felt cold so I said "ah it's cold" in a quiet voice but my deskmate who was wearing his gym jacket (he usually wears that over his t-shirt every day!!!) just removed his jacket and gave it to me.... ah seriously, it would've been an eyesore if he was f*cking ugly but his skin is milky and he's a kid who smells like baby powder (T/N: not sure if figurative)ㅜㅜㅜ So I went "huh?" and he whispered "you're my deskmate no?". He was seriously soooo cute and he even helped me fold my sleeves... I thought that I was in a dramaㅜ even during the break, he told me to just keep wearing it ㅠㅠ The next day, he took his nuna's blanket and gave it to me... as expected, you need a nuna to have good manners ㅠㅠ but he's now in another class!!! I still contact him from time to time but he's seriously too cute ㅠㅠ

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The people who know would know about the killer smile... f*ck, my previous crush was handsome but I kept pretending to have this 4D persona next to him and he would always smile as if he's looking at something cute... And my heart was fluttering when I looked at him ㅋㅋ

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I'm not in my teens but when I was an university student, there was a f*cking sexy, wolf-style type of freaking handsome guy. He was always wearing his earphones and never really meshed with other people. He walked like an ahjussi. On some random day, an unnie I know was playing drums in a practice room in Hongdae so I went there to hang out with her and he was sitting on a chair. He had one earphone in an ear and was playing electric guitar. He looked at my face for 3 seconds and didn't even pretend to know me and just continued playing his guitar. At that time, he was playing a song called 'EDEN - Rock and Roll' and he played seriously f*cking well. I still remember it vividly. Seriously, his looks and aura made him unapproachable so I just had a one-sided crush on him... seriously, my heart was fluttering so much when he played the electric guitar... Just writing this comment takes me back. Thinking back at it, I don't even know what his voice sounds like

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