Because he was from a different tribe

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Hanyu during his school days was seriously oba. He looks like a shoujo manhwa's main character

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Whether it's Korea or their country, a man's enemy is another man is science..

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He's the only one standing out, it can't be helpㅠ

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He kinda looks like Nam Joohyuk mixed with TXT Soobin

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He's seriously unrivaled.. 


He also got injured yesterday during practiceㅠㅠ  Him challenging himself to a Quad Axel is legendary 

"Hanyu just said he's retiring in his NHK interview right now"
"I'm crying he suffered"

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1. [+54, -13]
He always thanks the ice ring at the end, today was his last greetingㅠ

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Korean athletes don't get any support, but it feels like they're enjoying sports, on the other hand, Japanese athletes get a ton of support and rather than enjoying the sports, it feels like they're getting an immense amount of pressure from the support and it makes me feel bad for them... Especially in figure skating... The entire Japanese system makes me feel this way..

3. [+35, -34]
It feels like you guys only treat Chinese people like dogs but you give a pass to Japanese athletes and are sucking their as*? Korea has suffered from all the torture, rape, human experiment without anesthesia, are you guys like that because you don't know history? Go study history instead. If you don't know, we're bound to suffer from what we suffered again 

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You don't have to like him, but he's an athlete who remained on top for over 10 years and he has so many fans all over the world, of course people are going to feel sad about the news of his retirementㅠㅠ I hope people don't come all this way to talk about Japan and swear at him. The title itself is only about Hanyu 

5. [+16, -0]
Countries politics aside, there's nobody who has as much passion and this kind of mindset towards figure skating like Hanyu. It's not easy to devote your life to a single sport like that, this has almost been 10 years and he's still at the top, honestly this is amazing... 

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