[teens stories] WOW PPKKA IS GOING DOWN

(T/N: PPKKa accused a streamer named Jammi of being a feminist leading her to take her life away - read here)

"(Murder of mother-daughter by YouTuber controversy) We demand strong legal actions against the YouTuber assailant and ***"

The national petition has finally reached 200K signatures
'I Want To Know It' is also gathering information about this (T/N: Korean crime documentary TV show)
I guess that the only thing left now is revealing his personal information

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1. [+105, -2]
I hope that they f*cking expose everything about himㅋ 

2. [+101, -2]
It's impressive that it took him this long to go down, f*ck

3. [+71, 0]
Just how many people did PPKKa k*ll?

4. [+35, 0]
Please, go down. I'm disgusted

5. [+26, 0]
I find it fascinating that he has so many subscribers... why are there so many people with empty brains?

6. [+20, 0]
You guys know better than anyone that having over 200K national signatures won't do anything right? There are a few petitions that have exceeded 200K votes so far, but were any of those resolved cleanly?

7. [+14, 0]
The most disgusting thing was seeing him wearing his hat, sunglasses and mask

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