At the end of his practice, he was giving out an interview
The Japanese journalist asked him for his final words and 

He said "I will do my best but I cannot ask for you to cheer me on
Even so I think that it'll be nice if you watched (the game)"

It's my first time seeing him this gloomy for real;;

He must be having many thoughts

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1. Hanyu fighting... if you try your best, you'll do it...

2. I just hope that he puts in his best and doesn't have any regret

3. I find him so cool for always challenging himself to do new things even though they are deemed impossible... I wish him good results ㅜ

4. What is happening? Is it because he couldn't bring his Pooh?

5. Is there something wrong?? Is he sick???

6. His condition doesn't look good... Anyways, he already realized everything he had to realize so as long as he competes, it will be fine. Maybe Japan is pressuring him too much..?

7. Why does his face look so gloomy...

8. It's seriously my first time seeing him this gloomy... I hope that his mind is ok..

9. I used to think that he was seriously super strong mentally but seeing a kid like him saying such thing bothers me... It's already impressive that he's had 3 victories in a row so fighting to him

10. Looks like something is going on. It's not like he was someone who still had things to achieve so I just hope that he competes peacefully

11. Fighting!! I hope that he performs something he's satisfied with ㅠ

12. Nooo I'll cheer you on ... aigo Hanyu, find strength ㅠㅠ

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