On the 14th, Smilegate announced that its virtual artist Han Yu A had signed an exclusive contract with YG K+.

“Virtual human beings who make their debut in large entertainment companies… I will take the idol's path!”

Virtual humans are challenging the music and broadcasting industries in partnership with major entertainment companies. After entering the advertising industry with excellent visuals and making a name for themselves, it seems that they are starting their entertainment industry activities with their agency on their back.

On the 14th, Smilegate announced that its virtual artist Han Yu A had signed an exclusive contract with YG K+. As an artist under YG K+, Han Yu A will be active in various fields such as broadcasting, YouTube, performances, and advertisements. YG K+ is a management agency for professional models and actors.

Recently, virtual human production companies have been expanding their contacts with famous agencies. Since most of them are game companies and VFX (visual special effects) companies, the know-how of a professional entertainment company is essential for successful entry and activities in the entertainment industry.

Mystic Story's representative producer, Yoon Jongshin (right) and virtual human Kim Rae-a(left).

LG Electronics' 'Kim Rae-a' signed an  business agreement (MOU) with Mystic Story to debut as a musician. Representative producer Yoon Jongshin produced Rae-a's songs as well as her voice. Rae-a is expected to release her first debut album at the end of this year. Sidus Studio X's 'Rosie' will also be released in February. Music Vine, a company specializing in music IP monetization, participated as the planning manager and production company. For her debut song, Jung Jaewon, who was in charge of producing the album for Bolbal4, participated in the production.

Why just why... 

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1. F*cking bizarre 

2. Can't they just turn that into an anime instead? I bet it would be fun to watch. Mixing an AI human with the real world and performing in front of real people is just too weird..It's so easy to tell when a human is fake that this will just fall in the uncanny valley 

3. She's better than Rosie.... Rosie creeps me outㅠ

4. It just looks like a 3D Vocaloid from the pastㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Are there really people who will come to love these in the future... 
I don't think any of the idol fans will demand this kind of things, they're like idols because they're real humans 

6. She's indeed better than Rosie, but she's still weird!

7. This reminds me of people in Japan who fangirl on both characters and their voice actors. The biggest flaw with idols is that they're people who will grow old, and they're also bound to get into controversies so people are bound to throw them out at one point. But this is just getting into the uncanny valley 

8. No but if their faces are the only thing virtual about them;; Are they just dupes?

9. So computers will be earning money from humans consuming them 

10. First of all, the market is already wide open so virtual humans will pour in like a flood. 
I don't know how long they'll last though. 
But if they want to compete, they need to pick extremely good quality idols .. 

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