- I've never really set targets for myself, but with age (early 30s), for the first time, I gave myself a target. I want the whole world to know about Japanese works a bit more. I want to dedicate my 30s into doing so. Now we have an infrastructure where we can make this possible, to be able to spread it everywhere. 
MC: That would be hard
Takeru: Of course it's hard right? But aren't Korean dramas viewed everywhere in Asia? 
MC: What do you think of Korean dramas and movies? 
Takeru: I really enjoy them. I'm envious of them. 
MC: It must be a bit upsetting right? 
Takeru: There's a bit of that too. I want to be able to create those large-scale works in Japan too. Aren't we also able to do it? 
MC: There's an opportunity
Takeru: Because there's an opportunity, I want to make this my target. 

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1. What he said is true, why are people nitpicking him? You guys live such a tiring life

2. Takeshi is quite a good actor himself so of course he'll have a lot of ambitions 

3. Sato Takeru is a good actor so seeing the stage of Japanese media, he must be a bit disappointed foro sure 

4. I seriously don't know what's there to bash about him for his comment?  As an actor, this is something that I can totally understand. He also acknowledges that Korean dramas are really well-made. So why are people being so judgmental?? 

5. No but from Sato Takeru's perspective, isn't it something totally relatable?
He's not even inferring that Korean's works aren't good quality, do you want him to diss Korea that bad? 
He's just saying that he's envious of the fact that a lot of country get to see our works and he also views our dramas positively. He's just saying that he wants Japan to become like that too. 
He's saying that they have good directors and works too and that he wants this to happen for them 

6. He's a good actor 

7. Is wanting to become globally known something to get diss for when you're an actor? He's cool. He'll have to work hard ^^ 

8. Sato Takeru's acting is seriously good but Japanese system is the worstㅜㅜ
He seems to be saying he wants to change that, what is there to hate about ? 

9. Seriously why is his comment getting hate? 

10. I don't feel bad from what he said. 

t/n: for those confused, he used 悔しい = Kuyashii (burning with envy when someone tries to put you down) instead of 羨ましい = Urayamashii (jealous/envious). Some netizens think it's problematic, but the majority is clarifying for him saying there's nothing problematic

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