"A virtual person boiling ramyun?"... Rosie, 'Becomes 'Teum Sae Ramyun''s model 

The first virtual human to break into the ramyun business
Her face will be on the package distributed to 40 countries
Attract attention from teenagers who are major consumers.


I guess I won't be able to follow the trend anymore, just why...

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1. This is f*cking bizarre, why is her smile like that.... And the fact that I know she's fake makes me uneasy, it'll make me less enthusiastic to purchase  because of the model 

2. Ew the tastiness dropped

3. There's no soul in her eyes

4. But why is Rosie unable to have any other hairstyles than this ? 

5. Cringe 

6. At this rate, it feels like they're forcing us to adapt to her....

7. They're the only ones who consider this a trend 

8. Ah I hate this, why do they always use this model? I'm so repulsed by this. Can they at least make the design prettier?

9. Supply without demand..ㅋㅋㅋ

10. I'm curious about the model fees? How much would you spend on the body? 

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