S*x offender school sunbae B was drunk
In the first hearing he received 4 years imprisonment, he claimed that 4 years was too heavy, so after the appeal, they went on a 2nd hearing. During the 2nd hearing, the victim died

Victim A's lawyer --> submits death certificate
"The victim died due to the defendant's assault.. We request a severe punishment"

"The victim's radical choice was taken due to the mental and physical pain she went through during the event" *pleads for 9 years imprisonment*

But the Supreme Court... 

Supreme Court: 
There was no dispute over the relationship between the death of the victim and the crime of the incident.
Resumption of pleadings and additional hearing are required to give the Defendant an opportunity to defend.


They reviewed the sentencing criteria after reversal and remand and reduced the sentence to 7 years in prison. 

7 years of prison..ㅎㅎ If he's 17, he would only be 26 y'o after 7 years

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1. Sigh... this is the definition of a country that only kills the victims after a s*xual offence

2. Chop off the guy's gochu (t/n: pepper) with a lawn mower
3. As expected, 
the judiciary system of Korea is leading the way in reducing the number of women in Korea.
Those scumbags also removed the video testimony of victims of s*x crimes.
The victim went to trial and testified again that she was s*xually ass*ulted in front of the perpetrator and many people.
Shouldn't the perpetrator get shred to pieces by the lawyer?
You guys were the ones who killed her 
Criminals should be kept in their homes
Since you (judicial system) released them to society, you should be responsible for them.

4. Time to introduce AI judicial system!

5. The f*cking Supreme Court treats s*xual offenders so lightly what are they doing f*ck

6. The Supreme Court is an accomplice

7. They act like that and ask us to bare kids? Comedy 

8. 7 years? Are you joking? 

9. Wow f*ck ... I saw this in the news this made me tear up 

10. 4 years is too "heavy"... Ha

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