Treasure JIKJIN VS Taeyeon INVU

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1. There are a lot of idol fans on Theqoo, so you guys can probably rationalize, but everyone is asking why they won #1... Since it's a song that's not on the charts.. This is why we call Music Bank "Physical Bank" and you can't refute this. There's not even a need to put those different scores in my opinion. It's not like a nobody music show, this is a public TV music show and they're giving #1 to a group that's not even charting... The gap is just huge... I don't have anything against Treasure. But they won #1 according to the standards, so I'm not in the position to say anything... So congrats to them, but those music shows need to make their criteria and standards more convincing... So that people won't complain about the win 
(Date / Melon ranking / # of listeners / Changes)
(Date / Melon ranking / # of listeners / Changes)

2. MuBank has always given their #1 like this so why are people nitpicking suddenly 

3. If you don't know who they are, just look them up? Why would you drag them? They won their #1 fair square, so if you guys don't know the rules, you're the ignorant ones. Congrats on Treasure for the #1

4. Please don't act ignorant... I don't know either songs but they've already received their #1 and it's not like they rigged it to receive it, so what's up with the mockery 

5. Who cares about MuBank.... Taeyeon will win Inkigayo and Music Core

6. I'm a Taeyeon fan, but congrats Treasure 

7. They met the standards for MuBank and won, why are people suddenly acting like physical sales aren't important? If you're not there to congratulate them, don't come mocking them

8. Oh I just found out Treasure was a group.. MuBank sure changed their standards from the past 

9. 57 digital pointsㅋㅋㅋ

10. But MuBank seems to act like those non-big3 broadcast stations music shows like The Show, they will give #1 to groups that neither me nor the people around me have ever heard of 

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