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1. I feel like I'll stan Bae, the members are all charming 

2. Now, the song is stuck in my headㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Kyujin looks so cute that I couldn't understand why she would be chosen as the center, but I was completely convinced after seeing their stage wow she's so talented and she's their maknae, I'm so looking forward to her futureㅋㅋㅋ Kyujin, Bae and Jinni, those 3 are the most JYP-live. They dance well and I realized something in the middle. Sullyoon's position is exactly like Tsuyu's but she sings well 

4. The song is goodㅋㅋㅋ Kyujin, Bae and Jinni stand out the most on stage, they're the most talented ones

5. The stage is fine but the song is way too messy... I feel like JYP messed up their plan this time. Girl groups need a certain results in digital charts, they could've chose only one of the 2 songs and came out with it instead

6. Kyujin is the talented one 

7. No but that pink hair is seriously pretty, she gives off Han Sohee vibes

8. Jinni was crazy... They're all so good 

9. That friend on the thumbnail looks so refreshing 

10. The maknae seriously stands out so much in a good way
But they're all no jokes. People's biases will differ so much frmo each other
How did JYP gather all of them together...


Compared to the other kids' faces, hers is center-worthy... Are her skills bad?

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original post: here

1. [+124, -1]
I'm not saying that the rest of them are ugly, but Sullyoon is seriously the most center-looking 

2. [+80, -0]
I feel like Jinni or Kyujin stand in the center the most? I feel like they have stronger auras like Twice Nayeon and ITZY Ryujin while Sullyoon is a visual member like Tzuyu or Yuna

3. [+59, -1]
She's not as robotic as the comments below make it seem like. The title song's dance is just too hard. If you look at her cover of Touch on Weekly Idol, she's good and there's not a single dance whole even in the title song 

4. [+54, -12]
Aside from Sullyoon, they all look like commoners 

5. [+41, -5]
Sullyoon doesn't look JYP..

6. [+40, -1]
This makes me realize how much celebrity factor ITZY had when they debuted

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