TXT aren't rookies anymore but even so, it's not like they had a long career so why is their comeback term so long? So many people joined the fandom last year from I Know I Love You and Loser Lover but instead of keeping them busy with comebacks, they are sitting there doing nothing...

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Also, what's worse is that Big Hit is planning to debut their next group this year ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They should care about TXT more. The kids from the debut team already went to the US to train. Big Hit is f*cking bad at doing their work

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Despite the complaints, they keep making their groups come back at the same time and it makes me so mad. Spread your comebacks a bit more apart. They have two groups so I don't understand why the mess every time

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If TXT comes back in May, they would've been on hiatus for 9 months. Are they for real?

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It's seriously a comedy that TXT is considered one of the groups that should be worried about coming back at the same time as Bangtan. They can't even manage two groups and everyone is waiting for their comebacks, but instead Big Hit is bullsh*tting about debuting a new group

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It's not Big Hit but Hybe that's busy getting bigger so they keep putting their actual most important groups Bang-TXT to the side

6. [+37, -43]
It's because TXT didn't hit as big as expected... They are making a big deal about the new fans joining but it didn't work with the general public at all

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If TXT comes back in May, they will overlap with Seventeen and there are also rumors about Bangtan coming back in May... If they do comeback in May, isn't Big Hit the real sick head here?

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