Jeon Soyeon does the rapping, she's the only one looking awkward in their choreography and they still sing her parts together at their encore stage... Even in their interviews, her Korean is still weak. Of course, if you compare it to before, she improved but I think that she's still lacking. I agree that all 4 members aside from Shuhua are all-rounders though

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1. [+208, -23]
I watched their choreography video and her dancing really improved... She danced well in my eyes..

2. [+179, -12]
She reminds me of those newborn babies who are making baby steps but everyone around goes "good job, good job". But if you send positive signals like this, I think that she will get more excited and showcase her talents moreㅇㅇ also, her skills did improve

3. [+153, -13]
But I didn't find her dancing unpleasant because she improved though? But she still needs to work on her vocals

4. [+95, -3]
If you curse at her a solid lot, you might break her mind. We're not saying that her dancing is the best but we're praising her for improving because she practiced dancing all day long when they didn't have any schedulesㅋㅋㅋ even if her singing isn't good, she never goes off tune on stage and her voice color is good. She knows the things that she can't do and never gets greedy. She knows her skills and even though she's not confident, she never skips the comments on Vlive of fans asking her to sing songs and even though she hesitates, she still sings all the songs just right. So that's why people baby her. Shuhua gets a lot of hate comments so fans baby her even more and find it fun to see her improve

5. [+88, -17]
The fans are the ones saying that she improved and did well. But to other people, she's still just as bad

6. [+69, -1]
Their definition of "improving" just means that she did well. You can clearly tell that they aren't saying "wow, she's really talented!"

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