OP: Hello! I'm here to drop an inquiry regarding a cafe event! Can I book it for 2 days between 2022 March 12th to 13th?

Cafe: Yes hello! The space rental for that date is possible. Who is the artist you would like to hold this even for? 

OP: Rocket Punch's Suyun!

Cafe: Ah I'm sorryㅠㅠ we're planning this date for another artistㅠㅠ

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1. [+322, -8]
They need a lot of fans to visit them so they can sell a lot of drinks and dessert, they're able to estimate roughly just by hearing the name of the idol. If they estimate that they'll lose more than usual when their commoner clientele comes to their cafe, they will definitely say no 

2. [+263, -4]
Yah no matter  how you see it, the fact that they're saying 'it's possible' then they inquire about the idol group and name and straight up just refuse it, I'd be annoyed tooㅋㅋㅋ  And the worst part is the usual amount of people visiting that place is about 20 daily. The issue is that the way they're turning down fans is because they think fangirls are an easy money grab for them 

3. [+208, -11]
It's kinda sad but this can't be helped. A cafe is renting the land and need to make business at the end of the day too ㅠ If you're not willing to pay more and cover for the cost of the cafe's loss, from the cafe's POV, it just doesn't make sense for them to accept

4. [+109, -2]
I thought but isn't there the possibility that someone came in between and reserved the place too?? But then I read the owner say "We're PLANNING this dateㅜㅜ" which makes me want to swear. The issue isn't that 2 people booked at the same time, they were actually expecting another more popular idol's fan to reserve this date for their birthday so they rejected

5. [+104, -59]
But releasing this on Twitter because you're mad and getting hate on the cafe only proves your idol is a humiliation no?

6. [+90, -2]
I'm another group's fan and this upsets me... Why would stanning flop idols be a disgrace... This isn't something to mock either... My bias are working so hard and with time, they rose to the spot they deserved.. Just thinking about my bias potentially receiving this kind of treatment upsets me..

7. [+71 ,-0]
How could they turn down OP within only 10 minutes?

8. [+64, -2]
"But why can't they realize that they could potentially get more revenue from flop idols than popular idols? The fans can easily go to any cafes near their neighborhood to find a birthday cafe for their [popular] oppas. 
Meanwhile there will only be 1 place for a flop-dol in the entire nation and even the idol could come and visit the cafe"

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