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1. [+65, -27]
They're not A-list they don't have that much of a presence/reputation

2. [+51, -34]
If they're not considered A-list, then there are no other 4th generation idols who are

3. [+42, -29]
Of course we should consider them A-list 

4. [+29, -1]
To be objective, we need them to release 2 other songs as good as this song to be considered A-list 

5. [+26, -3]
Idle are still lacking compared to the Travel A-list (t/n: Teu-Twice, Rae-Red Velvet, Beul-BlackPink). They're not from a big agency either and they've debuted under a small agency so achieving results like this is indeed amazing, but they're not A-list. There's a way too big gap between them and the current A-list 

6. [+18, -8]
They don't have a mega hit and the public recognition to be A-list yet 

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