[enter-talk] JOY'S BODY

It's f*cking funny how you guys are making a fuss with a screencap that was taken in a momentㅋㅋ
Even models are praising her body highly but you guys have been making a fuss because of your inferiority complex in your corner alone for days

"Red Velvet's tallest member Joy
Isn't she glamorous! Do you guys know?
Wow! So sexy"

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1. [+57, -13]
No but to be honest, I thought that she pulled off the outfit and that it wasn't that buzzworthy but... isn't it the same clothes as the part of the MV with the confetti? The clothes are just weird;; honestly, it's obvious that you guys are hating on Joy while pretending to hate on Joy and it's f*cking disgusting. You guys should take this time to look at your own body insteadㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+41, -3]
She's pretty you trolls

3. [+38, -4]
But you can tell right away that Joy has a nice body when you watch her videos in a dress so why even bash her body?... among Joy's legendary pictures, you can see that her waist is f*cking slim and that she has a nice body in the red hair journalist picture

4. [+30, -14]
Reality... It's not just a random screencap. She looks like that in the video too

5. [+22, -5]

6. [+12, -2]
The 2nd gif is freaking awesome

7. [+11, -2]
Seulgi is perfect even if a momentary screencap

8. [+10, 0]
She just has the body that fits dresses. Two-pieces is a bit...

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