"Going on a walk in The Hyundai Seoul
I wanted to go for so long so finally ㅠㅠ
My eyes were glued on the 2nd lower floor especially"

""Hello :) Po-View is a diminutive of "point of view"! It's a stationery shop. I a worker at the Hyundai Seoul (department store) and I saw Crush and Joy ㅎㅎ I thought that they were just a stylish couple at first but looking at them closer, it was really them! They were so lovey dovey... They were smiling and even took pictures for one another. I found them cute. They were taking things left and right and really seemed to be immersed in their stationery shopping so I didn't want to make them feel uncomfortably and pretended like I didn't know them - thank you for leaving a comment expressing your interest in daily vlogs! Have a nice day"

She's constantly doing lovestagram

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1. [+281, -7]
What lovestagram?... They are in a public relationship you fool... can you not leave our unnie alone? Our unnie has been working hard for 8 years but you rotten people are only writing ridiculous things about our unnie. What do you gain from writing something like this from your computer?

2. [+195, -4]
Looks like you're the only one who doesn't know the meaning of "Lovestagram"

3. [+126, -2]
They are in a public relationship so what?... I thought that it would be about hashtags or whatnot again

4. [+49, -3]
Can't these two date? What wrong are they doing? They are in a public relationship though?

5. [+45, -4]
She's working on her promotions well, is 8 years into her career, manages her looks well, is pretty so I don't care at all about her relationship... rather, I find her likable for having such a wholesome relationship. It would be more difficult if she have any personal activities or if her looks for changing for the worse

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