Because people keep saying that they are gen 3.5
Because they are in the middle, you can't mention them anywhere. They are always left out in posts regarding visuals or popularity
I bet that the fans feel that this is a bit unfair?

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1. [+101, -20]
But it's true that Twice-RV-BP-Gfriend-Mamamoo are the 3rd gen and Izone-Gidle-ITZY are 4th gen

2. [+84, -6]
I also agree to some extent. The idols who are associated with half generations are never mentioned in visuals, representative songs or posts like that so it does seem like a loss?

3. [+82, -10]
Agree. There are kids mentioning ITZY below but even ITZY is considered 4th gen overseas and they are also moving towards the 4th gen in Korea. Just call them 4th gen. What's up with the "3.5"? F*ck

4. [+40, -1]
Calling them 3rd gen would indeed be ambiguous. How can groups that debuted in 2012 be in the same generation as a group that debuted in 2018?

5. [+36, -5]
It's true that ITZY, I-dle and Izone are all 3.5... Idols like Aespa, IVE, Kep1er, STAYC and NMIXX are 4th gen. Once NMIXX who debuted in 2022 gets bigger and that YG's next group blows up, they will all be seen as the 4th gen with Aespa as the starting point. ITZY, I-dle and Izone are irrefutably gen 3.5

6. [+29, -1]
How can Izone be 4th gen?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No matter how you think about it, groups that debuted in '18 cannot be considered 4th gen.

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