Why are people saying that?ㅋㅋ they entered the top 10~ (T/n: the title is sarcastic)
The kids who were checking on them a week ago when the song just came out are funny

"The song is bad and they flooped"
"STAYC are flops now"


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1. [+84, -5]
But Melon listeners really decreased.... they have 160K listeners but are top 10..

2. [+72, -4]
But I liked Run2U as soon as it came out... There were a lot of kids on Pann who liked it too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I even wrote a post asking if I was the only one who liked it and there were a lot of upvotes

3. [+50, -11]
I've seriously been on Pann for over 5 years and 'if Pann hates you, you'll hit big' is science. STAYC got a lot of hate posts and they ended up blowing up, congrats

4. [+35, -1]
If they were relying on their fans, then it would've slowly ranked down so this was truly done by the public

5. [+25, -1]
People kept chanting about how the song sucked and how they flopped but even as a fan of another group, I can tell that they succeeded

6. [+24, 0]
They are almost surpassing their ASAP results and their album also hit a career high~

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