Even so, it became better..?

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1. [+216, -3]
They do look pretty but I hope that they give them something that fits their body types.. Even if Yoojung is skinny, she has some bust so she could look bloated. They keep giving her those voluminous tops

2. [+79, -2]
Their outfits for their side songs were always pretty but they are getting buried because their title song's outfits are too strong. 

3. [+73, -1]
Aren't those their side track's outfit? Their side tracks' outfits have always been pretty. Only their title track looks weird... but I also think that their outfits for their title track are getting better

4. [+31, 0]
But I hope that they gave them fancier hair too. There are a variety of hairstyles like hairband, hippie perm, ponytail, pigtails, etc. But most of the members have similar hairstyles... Especially Yuna. She always has all black hair with her blunt bob... All of their hair didn't change much from back then.. Meanwhile, Yuna got the biggest change when she bleached her hair at some point

5. [+19, 0]
Please dye their hair ㅠㅠ they look so hot and worn out

6. [+16, -14]
They look more like ahjummas than Mamamoo

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