- Weibo has been sharing Henry's apology and supporting Henry while bashing Koren netizens
- Chinese Netizens reacted with "You can't help but love China" "The thing Henry should apologize for is that he's apologizing to the fans" "Korea seriously has an inferiority complex" "He's apologizing to the fans who have been waiting for him" "Looking at a section of the comment, this is seriously just like Korea (t/n: apparently they used a derogatory term for Korea)."

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1. ㅋㅋㅋWhat the?

2. Yeah, that's why he should just go and never come back ^^ 

3. I can't believe Chinese people are dumb enough to buy that apology 

4. He became a Chinese through and through 

5. This made me wonder if he worded his apology that way because he knew that would be the kind of reactions he'd get from China. He used Korea successfully until the end. Now go and never come back 

6. Congrats~~~~~~~ But your promotions here end here

7. No matter how I think about it, his "Xorry" just made no sense.. It's been so many years that he spent in Korea, there's no way he still makes this kind of typo

8. He seriously used us successfully 

9. Yup, so go even further in China~ Go where your fans stay and receive lots of love ^^

10. Using the apology he wrote to Koreans on Weibo? His intentions are clearㅋ

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