[marriage & in-laws] I CAN'T LIVE WITH MY WIFE ANYMORE

Currently, I'm a married man who is a single-income earner and I'm running a business. It's been 2 years since I've been married.
My wife is temporarily quitting work to stay at home. We don't have any kids. If you read up til here, it still sounds normal but the problem is that my wife wants too much from me.

To explain myself, because of my business, I have to work almost every day of the week except for 1 day. I go out at 7 in the morning and come back at around 10 PM. But she never does the dishes, asks me to hang the washed clothes and for supper, she either orders food or prepares instant food. Also, when I have my one free day in a week, she would look at me and tell me to cook food and clean the house... (even if it's cleaning the house, I do it in a short time because there are only hairs and dust around, but she keeps making me do it).

At first, even if it was tiring, I just thought that this might be what sacrifices in a married life was so I just did it all. But as time went on, I'm just too tired. I also want to rest. Even when I tell this to my wife seriously, she just starts labelling me as a patriarchal man...

What should I do? Should I keep on making sacrifices?
Please give me some advice
(By the way, our monthly living expenses is 6 million won (~4.8K USD))

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1. [+416, -7]
Is this fake? Just where in the world would you find a husband who gives this much money to his housewife and who treats her like this? If this is true, OP is a fool

2. [+208, -2]
(OP is a man) Ah seriously, you guys don't even have a kid so why are you worried? So are you doing a business to feed her? If I were you, I would've divorced right away. Just return the things you took from her. She's committing the best chuijib (T/N: chui-jib = to describe a woman who gets married to a rich man instead of getting a job, kinda like a gold digger), so she won't divorce you easily but you're the most pathetic for ending up marrying her

3. [+182, -3]
(OP is a man) Stop living like a fool and get a divorce 

4. [+51, -1]
This is fake

5. [+45, -4]
So you consider yourself a business man? If you are a businessman with the ability to give her 6 million won a month for living expenses, even if you gave her 1 million won on living expenses, you wouldn't give it to her without question or judgement. So you're telling me that you've been giving a woman who does nothing 6 million won per month for 2 years and you don't even have kids?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is seriously the level of an anti-woman....

6. [+32, -1]
(OP is a man) It kinda sounds like a poorly written fake story

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