It's not really bullying but there are 16 girls in my class and there's that one girl who hates me. I'm in my 2nd year of high school and I also want to ignore her but I can't do it and I'm just so stressed...

1. When we talk in groups of 3-4, she never looks at me. When other kids are talking, she doesn't even go on her phone and looks at their faces. She even nods when they talk

2. I was walking with my friend called XX and when that girl wants us to go somewhere together, she would never say my name and just say "XX-ah! XX-ah, let's go!"

3. If I ask her anything, she would answer while looking at someone elseㅋㅋㅋ even if I ask a f*cking simply question like "are you gonna eat today?" she would look at the face of a kid next to me and say "yup, I'll eat today!"

4. Even yesterday in arts class, we had free time to talk and draw and she suddenly became super serious and was like "yah Pann-girl, I'm doing this right now and you're disturbing me, quiet down a bit".... She didn't even say "can you please quiet down?" but just said "quiet down" like a command

Just why is she persecuting me so much...? I don't wear a lot of makeup, I'm close with the teachers and I've never been an outcast from middle school up until now but she's the only one acting like this towards me... It's f*cking stressful

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Seriously, I'm saying this because I'm getting so frustrated. If you're this curious about her, why don't you just ask her? Do you think that you'll get an answer just by asking yourself?.. When all the kids are together, just try asking her "why do you behave so sh*tty towards me all the time?ㅋㅋㅋ", no matter how she reacts, just go "I'm just joking ㅎㅎ I'm just saying that you're ignoring what I was saying ㅎㅎ" and try to respond with something like this.. even if nothing changes at that time, she will start paying attention to you from that moment. What's so hard about this? Are you gonna suffer and stress about it all the time? Seriously, seeing you struggling is exactly what that b*tch wants. Why do you give her everything she wants?

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Because she has inferiority complex towards you

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You can just ignore her back in the same way. Don't try to meet eyes with her but when she talks, just go on your phone and do something else

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I think this is why school is necessary. It makes you think a little about how to deal with incomprehensible types of morons you encounter in your life.

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Those kind of kids don't like you because you try hard. Just give up and ignore her....

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