"- Seriously, I find good looking kids so free/relaxed
- They don't have that sense of desperation like us"

"- Brats like us
- have to always put their best into everything"

"-Because of this opposite gender relationship,
- we need to survive this life-or-death situation"

"- We need to live with sweat under our feet,
- while they are just sitting still"
"- I don't have to say it for you to understand right?"

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1. [+349, -6]
Because freaking handsome guys are so rare, they are at the top of the food chain

2. [+311, -6]
Because people favor handsome and pretty people, the possibility that their personality becomes nicer is also higher. They don't even need to become impatient before someone else approach them first so that's why they are so relaxedㅋㅋ

3. [+159, -14]
Is that chubby guy with those glasses and haircut really that desperate? If he was really desperate, if would be losing weight, getting rid of his glasses and wear lenses and find a hairstyle that suits him. That would make him desperate no? He's just lazy while going "ah, I wanna date~". I'm sorry if he has a condition so he can't lose weight though

4. [+110, -3]
Kids, anyways, men are all the same so might as well date a handsome one 

5. [+97, -3]
I honestly have never seen a handsome guy in my whole existence.. I've only seen them through my TV/phone screen. I've never seen a guy in real life that made me gasp... seriously.... it's almost as if I forgot what handsome looks like ㅠㅠ...

6. [+85, -2]
I'm not trying to bash Rowoon but personally, I used to think that he was handsome until I found his past pictures and I found him different looking. Men like women can become freaking handsome if they manage themselves and get surgery. Comments are always talking about how women doll themselves and get surgery but they won't make that effort. They can at least become decent looking. Please manage yourselves a bit

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