Hello. This is NCT DREAM Streaming team. 

While preparing for the upcoming activities, we were faced with a lot of anxiety when writing the announcement (t/n: not referring to the current one, probably another post about mass streaming).

We were growing doubtful with an uneasy heart while facing the current situation of the promotions and advertisement thinking 'Will we be able to mass stream?' 'How will be gather IDs and raise funds?' 'Will there be enough volunteer helpers singing up?'.
Let us speak honestly. 
This time, we are really scared. 
There is nothing going right/as planned right now. Not even a single thing. Not the slightest.

Because we're lacking in streaming team members, the rest of the team is overworked and ended up being barely able to sleep 2 hours a day. 
With the current situations of the IDs and donations, we will not be able to mass stream. Faced with these facts today, we are in a situation where we are considering reimbursing everyone and cancel the mass streaming. 
We only received 24 applications of volunteer helpers (t/n: people who will help do the 24/7 streaming). 

To every Czennies, This is not a severe situation. (t/n: not too sure why they wrote the sentence like that, but what they meant is "this is a severe situation")
This is our last desperate request as we are releasing the notice today as our limit. 
If this cry for help doesn't reach your heart, we will have to cancel the mass streaming and all the IDs that were donated and the funds will be reimbursed. 

Regarding IDs, as Czennies, I beg you to please ask your family and even friends for their IDs. Please advertise this on every websites you know. 
As for the money donations, we're sorry to say this, but please lend us your strength more. We are way too far from our target. 
For volunteer helpers, you can choose the easy jobs and only participate in these. Please apply with the devotion to volunteer. Please don't stop from recommending this to people around you. 

The Streaming team hope that our desperation and plead will reach to Czennies' hearts through this letter.


So this team claims that because of the streaming, they're overworked and were only able to sleep 2 hours a day. And because of their lack of strength, the fans need to beg their friends and families for their IDs? This can't be real right...? 
And you're telling me people doing this are adults...??? What do they gain from acting like that ???????????? To make their idols "young and rich"...? What will they get in return..? They go through lengths, meanwhile male idols will only pick the pretty girls and drive them around to go on dates, and once they get caught, they're the ones who will swear at them like crazy..?

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1. [+239, -22]
I'm an university student right now and I've been a fangirl since high school. I've pretty much done everything they said. This doesn't only apply to Czennies, most male idols fans streaming team work like that during comeback timeㅋㅋㅋ Especially for A-list and B-list idols, it's indeed this severe. They receive ID donations, and with the IDs they've received, they will organize them meticulously to stream for their idols. If ID numbers are lacking, the mass streaming team needs to stay awake overnight to make new IDs so that the group can chart in real-time... I've participated in the streaming design team and even my friends who saw me called me a r*tard for doing so much..I was happy that I could help the people who made me happy with my own hands.. I don't do it anymore, but if I could go back, I'll do it againㅋㅋ

2. [+145, -5]
I'm a Dream fan and we all know that the people who really want to do it will do it at the end of the dayㅋㅋㅋ Me too I read this but I just went "Oh~ this doesn't look good for them" and just let it slide

3. [+137, -19]
But this is quite fascinating. A part of me finds it cool that they're able to love someone to this extent... But at the same time, it's just sad

4. [+103, -2]
What's up with people suddenly thinking idol fans are severe for raising mass streaming money? Why is it bad to want to support someone? Who are you to tell me how I should spend on my hobbies? 

5. [+96, -3]
Stop with the "you want to live like that?" bullsh*t. If you were really curious about this aspect, why not hide the group's name? If you really wanted to ask, then post it on enter-talkㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Stop pretending you care, it's funny how transparent you are

6. [+84, -24]
Why would you screenshot everything and come here... Go to enter-talk 

7. [+81, -98]
But NCT Dream fans are indeed uniquely bizarre... They're kinda known to be miserable and cringy with their fangirling. Not all idol fans have their sentimentality..

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