"#Jeong Sewoon
Sewoonie who served as the MC for Cravity's new album "Liverty: In Our Cosmos" press conference. 
Arrival of the certification shot with Cravity" 

Honestly, it's not like you can see the fans during a press conference for journalists either
And you barely get any pictures to look at
Jeong Sewoon had his last comeback in January 6th 2021
He's been in a vacuum ever since meanwhile, this other group has had 3 comebacks 

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1. He could've gone and came back from the army in this time... 

2. This is the same period for serving in the army... He didn't even drop a digital single 

3. Anyone can tell that the company is screwing him over, what's up with those weird comments... Do you guys not know how frustrating it is to wait for your bias for over a yearㅠ

4. Of course, if the group hits big, they'll earn a lot of money, but you also have to invest a lot more in order for the group to even hit big to start with? You need a lot more investment than for a solo. Jeong Sewoon comes out from an audition program, so the investment money that the company needs to spend is a lot less, so compared to the investments, the profits will be much higher too. I don't understand why companies don't invest more in their solos, it's the same for my biasㅠㅋㅋㅋ You can tell there's a difference in quality between their group and solo artist..ㅠ Jeong Sewoon is quite well known and he has a good fanbase too. He also writes his own songs. You can only blame the company for not making him release an album 

5. Why do people look down on Jeong Sewoon...?? He has good songs, he's a good talker, and his talkshow is also doing well, and he even composes his own songs?? Even when he doesn't do massive promotions, he does whatever he can and he's talented. He even has a lot of fans 

6. Sewoon's songs are always good and he's likable too. I don't understand why Starship is taking so long ot give him a comeback 

7. Why are people bullsh*tting about profitability here... 
He's not even a dance male solo, his genre is completely different and he's still able to create a good amount of buzz

8. This guy has so many talents I can't understand why they keep him in a closet

9. Jeong Sewoon should've went to Antenna music instead, everyone knows that Starship f*cks up with their work 

10. I can't understand why they're not even giving him a digital single when he's talented and is able to write good songs 

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