Se Hyeon 00'er

Min Gyu 01'er

Gi Seok 04'er

+ They're all Korean
The reason why they added 3 new members is that they used to be 5, but 2 have halted promotions (Wondae, Moonik) -> After this, Wondae withdrew and Moonik is still on hiatus --> that's why they added 3

In the end: DKZ will be 7 members and will promote without Moonik, so they will be promoting as 6 members (3 existing, 3 new)

They appeared as cameos on Semantic Error

They're still young so please refrain from judging their visuals too much

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1. Rather than judging their visuals, it's better to just remain quiet. 
Since DKZ seems like they'll hit big, it just makes you guys sound like you have inferiority complex

2. I want to watch their stage and content fast.. I want to see their chemistry with Jaechan, Kyungyoon and Jonghyung

3. The last member looks like that Treasure guy, Park Jihoon?

4. What's up with those profile pictures... How did they take this?

5. Idols' visuals are always judged by the public so why can't we judge them? The first thing people will think is whether they will have star factor or not and it's clearly not their case...

6. Is that the best they could do to their hair and makeup... Let's wait until the stage!

7. What's up with that makeup? They could've just left it at the base.. I can't understand 

8. The reactions are hot there, it tells me DKZ will do goodㅋㅋㅋ

9. I feel like they'll look better with lighter makeup.. Still they don't look too different from the existing members so I feel like they'll mesh in well. I really hope DKZ succeeds

10. They picked the wrong pictures for them, but I hope DKZ hits big! They're such a good team in terms of vocalsㄷㄷThe team has no holes in terms of rap, dance and vocal, they also have good songs

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