"Idols nowadays have longer teasers period than promotion period and I can't get used to it"

"For real, nowadays idols drop teasers for a whole month and only promote 2 weeks, then do video calls for 6 months"

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1. For real, we don't even get a stage but a bunch of video calls, photocards and random goods, I'm starting to get scared

2. Is it because they find it hard to create buzz nowadays? I feel like even the quality of the stage decorations is getting much better, aside from music shows, they're all doing relay dances and Studio CHOOM dances, it's so much more fun to get a variety of content like that. Promoting on music shows is taxing on the idols' stamina too, I thing 2 weeks is just enough 

3. It's because music shows brings them no hype. and people just go and watch their own bias' clips, or they will go on Youtube and watch stage mix videos only. They spend so much for the stage set. It's not the company who spends on it, but the idols company. They can spend up to 100M won for the comeback stages alone. And because of the system, they break their bodies for something that's inefficient like that

4. It's because they don't make any profit off music shows

5. 4 weeks used to be the standard in the past... Seriously I find myself asking "what have they done?" and realize it's already the last broadcast...

6. They have way more video chats than promotions..

7. It's way too short, does it make sense that they comeback the week before and have their goodbye stage the next week?

8. They should just release teasers for only 2 weeks at this rate

9. There are really people releasing 1 month worth of teasers? Teasers are so unimpressive that even releasing them for 2 weeks tires me out. How can people endure 1 month worth of teasers?

10. Don't singers feel empty too?

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