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XX's agency please rethink your strategy. Ever since I-land, there were far more overseas fans than domestic fans, just wake up now, we really need to gather more domestic fans. Due to the nature of KPOP, the more domestic fans we have the better it will be as time goes by. Most KPOP fans move with a mob mentality, once they find another alternative group, they all switch fandoms. 

Domestic core fans are relatively big, however, nowadays, most fangirls are more concerned about themselves, so fewer people spend time streaming or saving money for the group. The only time they spend is so they can attend fansigns themselves or to collect photocards, which don't show in the results right away. They don't spend much during their promotions anymore.. That's why we really need to grow our domestic fandom and we need a bigger core fandom. KPOP also needs to stick to the old-fashion way and keep releasing content for free. First of all, there are so many media channels, so we can create a buzz with one clip only from representative media like Vlive and their SNS.

Of course, if you're from a big agency, it might be hard to shoot something, you need a ton of validation checks. But within the first 3 years from debut, they need to work them like crazy and release a bunch of content. And they need to follow what the fans want. What we need is not a scripted variety show, but something that allows us to follow them in their daily lives. 

Most of the fans are able to see their makeup on on stage or on broadcast.
What we prefer is their unfiltered, friendly/familiar side and we want to have easy access to it. However, XX is way too scripted to the point the kids look a bit uncomfortable at times and just act so rigid. And even on Vlive, they have pre-planned topics of conversations. 
We want something where the kids look like their natural selves and we are able to write business posts way more easily that way. 
Who can swear at idols who are working hard interacting with their fans?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If they broadcast variety shows on public TV for the whole nation to see, if it feels too scripted, they will just get sworn at, tons of articles criticizing them will come out and the viewership will bottom out.. 

And please sell photocards in moderation. How many photocards are we going to get for 1 version of an album? My whole timeline is filled with people trying to collect photocards and I got a reality slap when I saw the majority of them were just selling photocards. Do you know why the reality slap? Because they're clearly looking at fans like money. 

Ah~ also, it's clear that the company understands that fans only buy albums for photocards now, but they've crossed the lineㅋㅋ And paid content? Of course it's not worth the money. Do they think that the fans want to join a fandom where you need to pay for contents? We only care if the kids are doing well on stage and are working hard. 

If you want to make money, at least show us your sincerity.. You're making it so obvious that you have 0 sincerity even in the paid content you release, and it's just disrespectful at this point. Do you really think that acting like that will make the core fandom stick? Please, there's nothing good about selling this many albums now. Let's see in 3 years from now, if the domestic fans are starting to drop, the international fans will all leave. 

If you don't come back to your sense in next promotion, even after their disastrous digital scores this time, there will be no coming back and this is the perfect strategy for failure. 

But something tells me they're not planning to change.. Right now, their physical sales are f*cking high so they think that this is the right way to make profit. They probably think that with their current strategy working out, it would be crazy to even invest in making content. 

The reason why I f*cking hate I-roaches is this. They have such inferiority complex towards Korean fans and they're also passionate about censoring the members over the weirdest things. But now that they have a huge international fanbase, the director is trying to cater everything to their taste and ended up completely ignoring the domestic fandom. 

The members are trying to interact with the fans freely --> Because of the language and cultural differences, they censor all the compelling conversations and end up saying boring jokes --> interactions become more and more boring --> interaction will stop. 
This is the vicious cycle.ㅎㅎ

Ah! And lastly, do you think that catering to the taste of I-roaches with their concept will make the I-roaches like them more?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They like Korea because they're crazy about the KPOP concepts.. If we cater too much to their taste, they will hate on it too..ㅋㅋ Why do you think we sell our goods with Korean writings on them even when we export them to SEA and Japan? ㅋ

In the QRTs, I found international fans agreeing with OP

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1. I searched it up, looks like they're talking about HYBE idols, it's true that HYBE is going overboard with the goods they sell 

2. For real, the moment international fans start sticking to the groups, the idol industry will fail. It's so painfully obviously happening, so it's hilarious that the industry can't tell 

3. International fans will never spend that money, especially for online concert, they just find an illegal streaming website to watch, and I've seen that a lot. 
According to the quarterly sales report that HYBE disclosed, their highest sales came from Korea, then North America, Asia and Europe. They can ignore Korea all they want, but we end up buying the most for them 

4. From a fan's perspective, what OP said was true. 
But from a company's perspective, they just need their first group contract to work out and they'll start focusing on the hoobae right away because they can bring them way more profit later no?

5. What OP said wasn't false, but no matter how I see it, it's based on old-fashion assumptions. Once they hit big overseas, they will also be able to grow more opportunities domestically. And the type of concern OP has is that we need more fans. Everyone knows that. Idols aren't meant to go on for thousands of years, they're clearly short-lived and the companies know that so they will do their best to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. The company doesn't need to ensure that the idols will live a comfortable life beyond that and they don't need to take responsibility over their lives. Once their idol life is over, all they need to do is to work hard to live on their own. 

6. I really hope they start cutting down on the photocards, the unreleased photos and the video chats. Nowadays, they're all doing 20-30 fansigns and there are far more undisclosed photos. I'm so tired of following them that I became disillusionedㅠ 

7. I can agree to the fact that the content that light fans will have access to will be decreased. At this rate, fangirling will be a hobby only for the rich 

8. A hobby for the rich 

9. I don't know who OP is talking about, but if they think that photocards are an easy way to earn money, isn't it a sign that the group won't last long?

10. It's true that if you don't have domestic fandom, you'll never go far.. ㅠ I hope the agency wakes up 

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