She's born in '03 and is 20 y.o

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1. She looks smart and is the tofu-type

2. She looks like a mix of Lee Chaeyeon and Miyeon. I also see a bit of WJSN's Soobin and Dayoung

3. She looks more like a elementary school teacher or someone majoring in education than an idol

4. She looks like the YouTuber Im Bora!!! The innocent type (T/n: pic for reference)

5. She's cute and she's my style

6. She kinda has that first love vibes

7. She's freaking pretty to me though???

8. She looks like an announcer

9. She looks pretty in a feminine way

10. I saved this as a non-fan. She's pretty in an innocent way

11. I don't think that she has the JYP vibe but she kinda has that announcer vibe

12. Wow she's not really the JYP type but she's my style... freaking pretty

13. She kinda looks like that freaking pretty girlfriend of a handsome sunbae

14. Wow she's pretty

15. Since this is from the Hot category, I'm expecting a visual shock

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