"Did Park Jaebum... Cover 10 out of 10?.... This is such an unfamiliar collab" 
A: What do I do? What do I say with this situation?

(t/n: the post seems like a random ASK.fm tweet reaction, but the comment section is having a huge debate about 2pm and Jay Park)

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1. Now that I think of it, I still don't know if he got kicked out?

2. Park Jinyoung is disgusting. Isn't he attending a cult recently? If he has anything to repent on, he should apologize to Jay Park first

3. To the people saying "both sides have turned out to be successful and they're not stepping on each other's foot", it doesn't mean that one side wasn't unfairly treated nonetheless? Some people are also saying "Although the rumors will stick to him, who cares, he's still doing well" the rumors could've been prevented though? Because of this huge misunderstanding, no matter how hard he works, this will follow him for the rest of his life while he has to pretend he doesn't know anything about it. Do you think he wants to keep promoting in the celebrities industry while pretending this didn't affect him? Who is protecting who here?

4. I'm not a fan of neither of them, but this definitely affected both sides differently though?? On one side, everyone pretended this has never happened, Park Jinyoung, his agency at that time and 2PM members were all lying about what have happened and on the other side, whenever they tried to claim something has happened, it just got swept under the rug and got sworn at left and right no? Yet until now, we never got to learn what was the truth behind it 

5. I seriously want to know the reason he withdrew... It's been over 10 years and the world has changed, even the entertainment industry has changed.. Isn't it about time we reveal it? Let's just open up JYP 

6. It's better for 2PM's late fans to just remain quiet about this incident... Even after the "meeting" 2PM members were playing victims and were joking about "That guy doing hip hop?"ㅋㅋ And the ones joking about it were Ok Taecyeon and Lee Junho 
(t/n: below is the "meeting" video which most comments are mentioning, basically a transcript of what was supposedly said during the Jay Park incident) 

7. My 2PM bias was someone else at that time and the "meeting" seriously shocked me. Ever since, I've been unable to watch anything related to 2PM or JYP even today although it's been nearly 10 years. 

8. In conclusion, Jay Park: I don't even know what I did wrong, if I did something please reveal it because I'm curious too. 
JYP: We can't say anything 
2PM: In order to protect Jay Park, we can't say anything 
Can't you tell the situation just by looking? Did he really do something so wrong that up until now, everyone is still making excuses about not revealing what has really happened despite asking them so many times to reveal what happened?ㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, even after that, Jay Park would mention 2PM like nothing happened and it does look like he misses them, meanwhile every time 2PM did it, it sounded sarcastic? So who is the assailant and who is the victim? 

9. Me either I wasn't a fan and I just liked them innocently? So I have no idea what really happened. At first, looking at the media report, it did seem like something big happened? But I just thought Jay Park made a mistake and left... Of course he didn't do something as bad as breaking the law and we all knew that. But after the "meeting" content got out and created a huge buzz, the members looked a bit... Anyways, I rather stay neutral in this...It's possible for them to hold grudge against each other, but seeing how the entire company turned against one person is just damn.. 

10. The meeting was seriously...I used to be a fan of Junho and I was so sad and angry that I even cried. Nowadays, I just feel strange seeing his success. It's a good thing that everyone succeeded but this incident was seriously so agonizingㅠㅠ

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