"Blue guy: (OP) I'm living in this country
Green guy: (tourist) *on a 3 days trip*
Green guy: Look at how cool your country is!
Blue guy: Where is all of that? F*ck"

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1. That Lotte tower looks so mysterious...

2. The editing is too severe

3. Wow seriously pretty

4. I know those places

5. What's with the editing though?

5. Wow so pretty. Even if they take pictures of the same place, depending on the angle, the outcome looks different. So interesting

6. There are a lot of pretty places in Korea. I went for a walk in my neighborhood along the river and it was so pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Did they shoot a few of those with a drone?? I wanna give an award to the person who invented the drone

8. Hul where are those?? The pictures are art

9. Somehow, looking at this doesn't make me think that the night view is pretty but rather that there are so many people working overtime

10. As for the streets of Korea, no matter where you go, they are just not pretty. They are f*cking dirty and messy

11. Those are heavily edited but the angles are pretty cool

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