Russian President Putin, who is invading Ukraine, has announced special economic measures for the United States and its allies.

Now that global sanctions against Russia continue, Russia has announced that it will take the first step and sanction the world.

President Putin signed a presidential decree on the 28th (local time) to take special economic measures against the United States and its sympathetic countries.

According to this presidential decree, participants in foreign economic activity (trade) must sell 80% of the foreign currency income they have secured from abroad starting in January of this year, and this action must be completed within three days. In addition, transactions in which Russian residents provide foreign currency to offshore residents under a loan agreement are prohibited.

Furthermore, Russian resident cannot remit foreign currency to their account opened at an overseas bank or transfer funds using electronic payment methods without opening an account.

President Putin's announcement of special measures today came amid a foreign currency shortage and chaos in Russia's financial market due to Western economic sanctions on Russia in connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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