"There's something I'm curious about. When you guys make a decision about going to a concert...
1. They absolutely need to be a singer that you like and you need to know all their songs!
2. They are a singer that you're interested in and you're curious about their live

What is your reason to attend a concert between these two!?
I mainly go because of #2 but my friend says it's #1 or nothing"

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1. If it's a band, #2

2. 111111 I feel like if I went for #2, I would get bored... there are only a few songs that I listen to because the singer is good at singing

3. 1... 2 feels like a waste of money. Just one concert can cost 100K won

4. I will not go if it's not 1. 2 is a waste of money

5. Of course 1

6. 1111 if I got for 2, some songs will be fine but it will get boring pretty fast because I don't care about them

7. I would want 2 but in reality, it's 1

8. If I go with my friends, 2 but if I go alone, 1

9. 1 no matter what.. even going for 1 is emptying my wallet ㅠㅠㅠ

10. I went as #2 once and it was boring but going as #1 is f*cking fun

11. I was always 1 but recently, it's 2

12. 1, you can only enjoy a concert if you know all the songs

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