1. Ive

- They have Izone's Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yujin / From Starship 
- First week sales reached 150K / They stayed in Melon TOP10 for 3 months & stayed in the daily chart for 101 days & their best daily ranking was #3
- 13 crowns / The shortest period to achieve #1 / They reached 100M views for a MV released in December 1st

2. Kep1er
- Girls Planet999's debut unit / WakeOne and Swing agencies
- Reached 200K in their first week sales / Their best daily Melon ranking was #91 & Weekly ranking #90 & Monthly ranking #97
- 3 crowns /  shortest amount of time winning #1 on public TV / They have 83M views on a MV released in January 3rd / They'll appear on Queendom2

- JYP 
- First week sales reached 220K & 1st in terms of first week sales / Melon daily chart's best ranking #106
- They have 48M views for a MV released in February 22nd 

4. Kim Chaewon & Sakura's girl group
- Izone's Kim Chaewon + Sakura + Produce48's Heo yoonji / Hybe 
- Their digital and physical sales are expected to be good
- People say their group will be called LESSERAFIM.. / their debut date is soon 

5. Min Heejin's girl group 
- Hybe Ador
- Ador was established by Min Heejin who was the visual director for Fx and Shinee, she's the one making the girl group 
- They will debut in Q3

Bonus) I-land2 debut unit
- I-land2 = CJ and Hybe's hosted survival show
- Mnet survival show I-land1 hit big overseas so I-land2 is 100% expected to hit big overseas too 
- They will broadcast the first episode in June so the debut unit could make it to the debut this year, they will probably be nominated for rookie award next year

Aside, there's also CLASS:y (debut unit from My Teenage Girl), Billie (the group with the member's fancam making buzz) and YG's girl group (it's only a rumor, they could be not debuting this year..)

It's only March so there's a lot we don't know yet...I'm looking forward

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1. I feel like MAMA will give it to Kep1er and the rest will all go to Ive
Of course, to be a rookie girl group you need a daebak hit song to blow up and your career will be set

2. JYP's rookie will surely release more things this year. They will probably wait a few months and release a single 

3. Aside from #4 and $5 I've heard a lot of talks about them 

4. Wow I'm curious about Min Heejin's group 

5. Isn't Ive going to receive it 

6. NMIXX needs to come back strong another time and they'll be able to receive the rookie award, otherwise it'll go to Ive

7. I don't know anyone but Ive

8. I hope NMIXX receives it 

9. Just looking at it now, isn't it obviously Ive..

10. This is such a strong lineup but Ive is  a wall 

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